Loving, the dreamy pop group share a new track Medicine, the song is from their upcoming new LP, Any Light, out Feb 9th, 2024.

Medicine Lyrics

You came close to the edge as you reached for the door,
The medicine was bitter like nothing you’d tasted before, 
And you knew right then.
You said, “I don’t want something already made,
I want the image not on display,
I want to be set free.”

You felt for the words like the wings of a bird,
Riding the winds of a dark form you heard
A voice, speaking low.
It said, “I swim the deep waters,
Dreams are my eyes,
Deeper than blue,” 
And drifted from view.

Your eyes opened up like the skies on a plane,
You laughed like a driver disregarding the lanes,
Looking for something, a balancing drug.
You said, “Was it the answer I made out of love?” 
Pin down the moment in a child’s game.

They sang you the song that longed to be heard,
Caught in your chest like a fire unburned,
They sang without words.

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