Canadian indie-pop band Men I Trust share the music video for Organon, it’s the opening track from their latest release, Untourable Album.

We were lucky to find an abandoned old house in our hometown. It hasn’t been inhabited since 95’, but it looked as though it was stuck in time more than 50 years ago. There was still lots of eerie furniture & religious artifacts left around.

We filmed in the coldest week of the winter, where the negative Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees join together on the scale of sadness. To this day, we think we might be permanently brain damaged from all the dirty air breathing released by the propane heaters and gasoline generators. It was freezing, dark and uncanny. While shooting the falling dresser scene, a mouse took refuge inside Jessy’s clothes (sorry for messing with your house little fellow). Besides critter activity, we didn’t observe any paranormal activities, so you probably won’t see the music video air on Discovery Channel. Nevertheless, everything in the house was perfect left untouched and we had lots of fun shooting this. 

Men I Trust on the new video

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