Singer-Songwriter M. Ward has a new album, Supernatural Thing. Check out the third single from the album, too young to die, featuring the Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit.

too young to die lyrics.

remember running with a homemade transistor into the nowhere of the night and picking up transmissions in a code from a host of foreign satellites it said “teach a kid guitar he’ll be broke for the rest of his life but too young to die"
i first heard that from an old guy:
“im too young to die” - 
now its spray-painted on the half-pipe:
“too young to die” 
sailing sometimes failing thats the only way the only way to fly.
crying sometimes wailin thats the only way that we learn how to try.
with my face down in the mat the champ says “are you too old to fight?
or too young to die?"
first heard that from an old guy
“im too young to die”
cacti blooming up the hillside: 
too young to die
so if you’re feeling like king kong at the end of his do-or-die
and hearing voices of a girl against the engines of a kamikaze flight
as he held her to his chest do you remember the words that she cried?
she said “you’re too young to die
and too young to die am i"
too young to die
and too young to die am i"

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