Watch the video for Stage by Mariah Fortune-Johnson’s, aka Woven In, the track is from her latest album, Profes, a 26 minutes long album full of lo-fi, indie disco pop jams, it’s Woven In’ 9th album in seven years, Profes is out now via Grimalkin Records.

From Grimalkin Records on Profess:

“Profess is the 9th album from Woven In, the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Mariah Fortune-Johnson (she/her). Twenty-nine-year-old Mariah has been releasing music under the name Woven In since 2013. This album starts out with the lyrics “Ordered me a new shoe, stepping out of the blue,” which is a peek into the type of messages this album encapsulates. Mariah has moved up and down the east coast taking her craft with her every step of the way. Profess was self-recorded without any guest appearances from other musicians and it is the first time Fortune uses samples in her music, which amplifies the existing messages of her own lyrics. The track “Upsetting,” states ‘It’s upsetting me and my homegirl.’ “It’s a social commentary on being a Black woman in America,” says Fortune. There are other themes within the album, including love, kink, and a couple of contemplative instrumentals.”

Listen to Profes.

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