UK duo Samana returns with a hypnotic new song, Passing Me By.

Samana on the new song:

“The lyrics are carved from a part of the self, emulating ancient statues of rocks, shaped by the water of centuries; that of the foresight of dreams. They conjure the notion of absorbing a moment; its pace, its gravity, processing something wholly before it shifts into a different contour, a different perspective, a different weight. The full interpretation of these lyrics as a language of the subconscious, so fleeting, so instinctive, will reveal itself to me over time. This is the beauty of improvisation, it is the poetry of the soul. The video imbues this concept, as a visual diary, moving through an ever-changing landscape over the course of a day, connecting the environment to the present, as we pass through both the surroundings from which this song grew, and a mental state of appreciation and observation.”

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