Synthpop Future Islands announce a new album As Long As You Are, share a video for Thrill. The new album will be released on Oct 9th via 4AD.

Future Islands on the new song:

“Thrill” is a song about battling addiction in Greenville, North Carolina, where Future Islands began. It’s about the isolation and fear we feel in our homes — in our society. It’s about sadness rising and spilling over, our anger —spilling over, like the great Tar River. “Thrill” is about the things we don’t talk about, beauty destroyed and left to crawl home. Beauty, like the river, that just keeps chugging along. It’s about the power of water and ‘what is it?’ when it’s above our heads, rising within and without. It’s about begging for help and realizing that sometimes you just have to go at it, alone. And keep rising.”

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